Foam Boxes are used for transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables from the can be farm to market. Foam boxes are made from a plastic called Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). This type of foam is used as it is durable, temperature resistant, light weighted and shock resistant. As EPS consist of 98% air it is very light weighted, thus not adding up to the weight of product. EPS has many other uses like building insulation and as a soil conditioner helping to improve drainage and aeration.

The best thing about expanded polystyrene is that 99.9% of it can be remanufactured using polystyrene recycler from the remains being received. Although EPS is chlorofluorocarbon free and non-toxic substance still the disadvantage about it is that it is non-biodegradable that means it doesn’t break down naturally. So we should take a little care so that the disadvantage doesn’t come in our advantage. For this prime most is the reuse of the EPS as much as possible, not depositing in any good soil and promote its recycling.

Still because of advantages like light weightiness, durability and temperature and shock protected EPS built Foam boxes and trays are maximum used for transporting fruits, vegetables and meat from one place to another.

Omega Packaging is manufacturers of lightweight, durable EPS boxes. Our packing boxes protect and insulate your valuable stock during transport. You can buy off the shelf from our large range of box styles, or we can custom mould any shape to your specifications.

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