Now you can build your own vegetable growing foam box at home just few materials needed and some easy steps to be followed. For this any Foam box 30-45cm high capable of holding water and shall contain chemicals to stop any kind of bacteria.

The Styrofoam boxes are most preferable. Painting the box helps to protect it from sun and thus increasing its life. Material required for growing box:
  • A water-holding box i.e. salmon, a broccoli or any other food box);
  • A ‘leaky’ water-store that is pipe made from either
    • 3 identical 1.25 litre soft-drink bottles with their tops and bottoms cut-off and pushed together and reinforced by placing PVC rings around them.
    • 45 cm length piece of 90 mm PVC drain pipe having a slot cut into it.
  • An another bottle with only the bottom cut off which is the upright so that water can be poured into;
  • A yoghurt container with lid/similar container with lid but with the bottom cut off to be;
  • The worm feeding place;
  • A mixture of soil and compost, manure or worm cast;
  • Organic mineral supplement if it is available;
  • Roughage such as hay, straw to use as basis and mulch;
  • Composting or garden worms.

Building the Easy growing box:

  • Drill 2 drain-holes of 9 - 10 cm from the bottom.
  • Make a ‘leaky pipe’ that will hold 3– 5 litres:
    • Cut the tops and bottoms of 3 bottles, cut four 1- 2cm slits in the bottom of every bottle and then push these bottles together forming a pipe. Now cut four PVC rings and place these around the pipe, this may need a bit of patience;
    • Cut a slot in the 450 mm PVC drain pipe and cover 1 end
  • Cut off the bottom only of the fourth bottle. This will be the upright to fill the pipe through. Cut a triangle at the bottom to connect it with the pipe.
  • Cut off the bottom of the yoghurt container where the worms are fed.
  • Place the upright in the box on the side opposite the drain holes.
  • Place the ‘pipe’ with holes down between the upright and the drain holes.
  • Place the roughage around the pipe and upright which will let the water spread sideways when the box is filled and it is food for worms.
  • Spread two handfuls of the organic mineral supplement over the roughage.
  • Fill the box with 2-3 buckets of good potting mix; make sure manure is well rotted.
  • Also mix 2 handfuls of the organic mineral supplement with the top soil as well.
  • Place the yoghurt container next to the ‘upright’. Now put free the worms into the container, add required worm food, and close the lid. Remember to feed the worms on a regular basis.
  • Now you can plant the seedling and take care of it as the usual way.
  • The worms may eat the grass clippings, hay, and mulch over the top so it’s needed to be replaced occasionally.
  • Now you can fill the box through the upright until the water comes out of the drain holes.
Once the seedlings are established, watering must be done through the upright but only if you don’t see free water at the bottom. The water may last for several weeks in winter and while plants are small. So what are you waiting for, have your hard work owned fresh vegetable in your meal and dinner with the growing the plant in foam boxes which are easily transportable from one place to another. Omega provides best type of foam boxes which can be used to grow the plants.