Are you using the right facility for your product packaging supplies?

There’s a great tool for every operation? And we would like to help you choose the one for you that is correct. Initially, the aim of packaging tape was to protect the goods, and now it has become a way for your company to create a brand.

Omega Packaging, headquartered in Derrimut, Melbourne, is dedicated to providing innovative, protective packaging solutions for gardening and agricultural businesses with quality packaging box options. We are specialists in providing the packaging needs of your company.

From packaging tape to portable water storage cubes and foam boxes, we offer a wide range of product packaging supplies and materials, we offer all the items required to complete any form of packaging task that might involve your business. Our diverse stocks of heavy-duty shipping tape include our main food packaging and packaging technology products, as well as secondary product lines to meet your particular needs.

Green Products Think: Custom Polys

We offer personalised polystyrene packaging items that are cost-effective, safe to use and environmentally friendly, using flexible and lightweight polystyrene and high-performance foams. There are no CFC’s or HCFC’s in our EPS packaging and both of these items can be recycled.

Product Packaging Supplies Advantages of Polystyrene

Here are some of Polystyrene’s advantages that explain why it is superior to other packaging materials:

  • It is cleaner and more physically desirable.
  • Less costly and readily recyclable.
  • It resists bacterial and environment-friendly growth.
  • Lightweight.

We have the best packaging tape solution for you, no matter what your packaging purpose is. Omega Packaging’s product packaging supplies solution fulfils all your packaging needs.

Tell us all about your needs for product packaging supplies. We have established great relationships in the Melbourne area with our loyal customer base and are looking forward to supporting you, contact us today.