Our Product

Foam boxes are made from expanded polystyrene molding , which are used in food industry extensively for packaging storage and transit of all sorts of vegetables, food items, fish and meat. These foam boxes are lightweight, durable, thermal insulated and thus provides temperature-resistant, shock-resistant, and microbial-resistant packaging option for food items. As they are cost-effective and provide quality features for a long term food packaging, foam boxes serve as the best purpose to food industry’s food storage and long-distance transit needs. Not only for food industry use, foam boxes are also most suitable for individual needs looking to have safe and long-term food storage.

Omega Packaging’s EPS foam boxes are rigorously developed and designed with integrated molding technology so as to produce the best product which is designed to withstand cushion, absorb shocks, and insulate the contained product from all sorts of temperature changes, and microbial changes during handling, storage and shipping.

We incorporate strict manufacturing specifications and extreme quality control measure, in accordance to guidelines to ensure that our customer, both food industrial units and individuals receive superior quality EPS foam boxes. The custom made fabricated Expanded Polystyrene Foam Boxes are best to withstand all kinds of rigorous packaging and transportation needs with utmost strength, ensuring safety and freshness of food for a longer period of time.

We supply an extensive list of varied size and shaped made to order foam boxes for packaging and transporting huge or small bunch of food. These foam boxes have one more important functionality, as these can also be used for growing veggies and herbs, such as radish, carrots, beetroot, turnips; but not those veggies which have a deep rooting system like potatoes, sweet potatoes and as such. The affordable and durable, high quality foam boxes are suitable for a wide range of applications as per your individual or business requirement.