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In the recent years, packaging industry has passed through some major revolutionary changes. The technologies and trends keep changing with the passage of time, and with every change we witness a better, bigger and smarter solution to fill the gap of customer requirements. And Expanded Polystyrene Moulding also known as EPS Moudling is one of such robust, cutting edge, modern packaging solutions that comes with features like robustness, efficiency, durability and sustainability. Polystyrene Mouldings, sometimes referred as foam mouldings is environment friendly too! So with each time you use it, you contribute more towards greener and better world.

What is Expanded Polystyrene Custom Moulding?

Expanded Polystyrene Custom Moulding or EPS Moulding is a process of making final products from expanded polystyrene. This is sometimes also known as shaped moulding. The process for EPS Moulding or Expanded Polystyrene Moulding is as follow:


First step of the process is known as pre-expansion phase where raw material resin is used to produce EPS is received. At this stage the raw material is found in small units which range around 0.5 and 1.5 mm in diameter. Then these small units are sent for further process where they are expanded as per requirements of the final product. At this stage it may be expanded upto 50 times of its original size. And this is its one of the best advantage and one of the basic reasons of its so widespread usage.

Curing Process

Now it is passed through required level of heat so as to give it desired shape and size. One should make sure that the material at this stage is sustainable and stable in nature so that it can be formulated in highest quality product.

Moulding Process

Now comes moulding phase where loosely expanded units are formed into solid structure. The structure’s strength and quality are depended on the technical approach adopted in the moulding process so this stage is said to be one of the most vital stage in EPS Moulding production cycle.

Shape Molding

Once the material has been passed through moulding process, final shape is given. Hence this phase is known as shape moulding phase where end product gets its final look and feel.

EPS at Omega

At Omega Packaging, we thrive to contribute to green world initiative and that’s why we focus ourselves around various possible usage of EPS Foam Box in economic and quality manner. Our Research and Development team constantly engage themselves in finding better and innovative ways to produce stronger, robust and environment friendly packaging solutions made using EPS Foam Box.

Advantages Expanded Polystyrene Moulding

Although there are many benefits of using EPS Mouldings in packaging solutions, main benefits can be listed as follow:

  • EPS Custom Moulding is environment friendly
  • EPS Moulding is cost economic
  • It does not contain CFC’s and other formaldehyde.
  • It is recyclable, so every time you use
  • It is sustainable and durable in nature
  • Offers robustness to packaging.
  • Lower energy consumption
EPS Moulding is ideal in designing and delivering blocks, sheets, packaging, blue boards and many other applications.