Ice boxes are storage boxes having heat insulation, which means that heat cannot transfer through walls. In olden times when there were no refrigerators, some rigid types of ice boxes were used to keep the food items cool. The walls of these ice boxes were hollow, lined up with tin or zinc and packed up with heat resistant materials like sawdust, seaweed etc. Close to the top, in a compartment or tray of the ice box a big block was held. Due to such a construction these ice boxes had a very large.

Modern ice box also called EPS boxes are made up of Expanded Polystyrene which is durable, light weighted, highly heat and shock resistant. Ice boxes can be used to keep the entities cool, protected from light and bacteria’s. Many a times we need to transport entities like meat whose quality may be harmed because of heat. Refrigerator has a disadvantage that is runs on electricity, thus it can’t be used in small cases of transportation. In such cases ice box are used as cooling storage. The work of ice box or any other EPS box is to protect the content from heat by inhibiting heat transfer. Ice box is advantageous as it is light-weighted, portable, heat and shock resistant.

Among all the packaging suppliers of Melbourne, Omega Packaging has a distinct place. We provide fine quality of vegetable boxes, ice boxes, foam boxes etc packaging boxes. We also customize the volume and dimension of these boxes as per the need of the customer. We provide one of the best ice boxes for packaging the items and aim to include all the customer’s desired characteristics in each of the box.

Ice Boxes, made with Expanded Polystyrene are durable, lightweight and insulated to help keep the ice packs and cubes frozen for a longer period of time. Best for when you are in transit or looking to house large stocks of ice for later use, these EPS ice boxes, made with custom molding Polystyrene provides extensive protection against all sorts of weather changes and also against microbes, thus keeping the ice packs in the stable position for a longer duration of time.

Custom designed with highest quality Polystyrene material, Omega Packaging supplies comprehensive range of multi-designed Ice Boxes, which are suitable for varied ice storage needs of food industry. Also for individual needs looking to pack some frost for their picnic needs or for stocking for a party or such.

Also for transporting large packs of ice, EPS ice boxes are used by firms in order to provide the most authentic form of ice delivery. These ice boxes are non-toxic, durable, light weight and thus are most suitable for an easy, long term storage and transit. Their high cushioning property makes the ice packs resistant to any breaks, keeping your product intact for a longer duration.

We have an extensive range of customized ice boxes, manufactured with advanced and robust polystyrene molding for providing the customers with highest grade and hard-wearing product. Available in several small, big sizes and shape forms, our ice boxes are supplied to almost all the food industry units as well to individuals, in smaller or bulk orders, at extensively affordable rates.

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