What is EPS?

EPS or Expanded Polystyrene is a very light cellular plastic material comprised of small hollow spherical balls. EPS is one of the most widely used product form in packaging materials.

In the food packaging industry Foam Box is widely used for packaging purpose. But do you know what material is used in this foam box? It's EPS or the Expanded Polystyrene. However this EPS is not just used in food packaging industry, it is almost everywhere. In most packaging boxes, you'll notice present of EPS. But have you ever tried to figure out the properties of EPS? Let's take a look:

EPS is lightweight

When it comes to weight, EPS is very light. So the packaging box made up of EPS also weighs less and can be easily moved from one to another place.

Its durable

EPS is a durable material. Sustainability is its core nature and this is the reason why EPS is used in most packaging boxes around the world.

Its non-toxic

Sometimes, many products we come across, can contain toxic materials which can proved to be harmful to us. But when it comes to EPS it out of this category because its a non toxic material causing no harm to the health.

EPS is cost effective

Another competitive advantage of EPS is that EPS is very cost effective. Whatever you spend on EPS will be turn into profitable resource for your business.

Capable of handling climate change

EPS is also capable of maintaining its features even in varied temperatures. And hence EPS packaging is recommended for carrying products that are sensitive to climate change. This helps products stay fresh for long time.

Capable of absorbing Shocks

EPS can absorb shocks and hence it is ideal for carrying products made of delicate materials such as glass etc. EPS is also widely used to carry electronic products etc.

Its Flexible

Expanded Polystyrene is very flexible product so it can be moulded in any shape or size according to specific requirements.
Apart from building materials, EPS is also used in Vegetable Boxes