Custom Moulding

Description Custom molding solutions

At Omega Packaging, we thrive to design and deliver sustainable, robust and yet economic range of custom moulding packaging. Omega Packaging is Australia’s one of the leading and premier foam moulding, eps mouldings and foam boxes packaging supplier.

Our unique, interactive and innovative product approach has been the root of our success throughout the time. Unlike many other custom moulding suppliers, we offer focus on providing all under one roof and that’s why we have been offering robust and economic class of full package of product design, tooling and product manufacture all within the Omega! This way you get cost benefits, time benefits and quality benefits!

Custom Moulding customized!

Omega Packaging has one of the most comprehensive custom moulding manufacturing brand in Australia. We have established rigorous test cases, critical quality checks and strong service after sales channels to ensure comfort and quality are greatly offered to our clients. At Omega Packaging, we offer custom moulding in custom way! We manufacture custom moulding that suits and match your requirements. At Omega Packaging, we offer you ultimate quality control with each of our custom moulding, eps moulding and other quality foam boxes.

Benefits of our Custom Moulding

Be it your requirement for a fresh and whole new class of custom eps moulding packaging or just you is looking for a routine polystyrene mouldings or any other expanded polystyrene packaging, Omega is always the place to be! One of the greatest advantage of Custom Moulding is its property of diversity! Yes, custom moulding’s uses are so diversified that it can be used in a number of applications ranging from the industrial application to home usage applications. Some of the major applications for custom mouldings include:

  • Home Appliances
  • Building Construction
  • Retail Products
  • Displays Boards & Advertisement Signs
  • Electronics Products
  • Food Packaging
  • Vegetable Boxes
  • Industrial Machinaries
  • Chairs and other Seating
  • Sports utilities
  • And much much More…