How to Use an Ice Box or Cooler for Food Storage?

Do you need to transport food and beverages to the camping site or on the road trips? Is your grocery store quite away from your home? Do you want some ingredients to stay as fresh as possible? Do you want to store food at the beach or on the boat? If you are answering ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, there are high chances that this blog could be useful to you.

  1. Get everything you need to store ready in resealable containers: Snacks, beverages, frozen items, desserts, marinated meat, vegetables
  2. Have a bag of ice placed in the empty ice box or cooler, so that it chills before the final use
  3. Filling the ice box or cooler to the brim will leave area for the air to enter, making the ice melt
  4. Stock the items as per the need for refrigeration. For example, the meat can be placed on the bottom-most layer of ice and the vegetables can be put at the top most level.
  5. Use block ice and not crushed ice to ensure high durability. Adding salt to the water before freezing immensely lowers the freezing temperature, making the ice colder.
  6. Chilled the packed food overnight for more durability.
  7. For longer storage duration, use ice cubes with blocks. For weekend trips, reusable cooler packs can be of great help too.
  8. Always carry an additional ice box or cooler, for emergency situations.

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