Trusted Gardening Products and Tips: Let Your Plants Bloom Healthy

Omega Packaging has been in the industry for years and has a fair share in the gardening products online. With a range of foam boxes, cubes, water cans and stretch films – we strive to promote gardening in any form across Australia. We provide trusted gardening products with highest industry standards and services.

As we have seen that garden enthusiasts love using hoses to water their plants. This is definitely fun, but there is a lot of water wasted in this process.

At Omega Packaging, we want to minimise water usage and prevent excessive watering by our product – ‘garden water can’. It is the easiest way to SAVE WATER in your garden and have a sustainable eco-friendly approach to gardening Australia.

Benefits Of Garden Water Can:

Being a portable container and with 9L capacity, the garden water can come with a handle and a spout. It makes it easy to water all the plants by hands. This product has a history dating back to 17th century and has observed a lot of variations in the design.

The latest products being as versatile and durable as possible, especially when all the plants in the garden need an optimal amount of water to survive.

As the best watering technique for your plant, our garden water can is less labour intensive and easy to carry to every corner of the garden. It also allows water to reach easily beneath the leaves and in the plant bases. This process also limits weed growth and lets the water go where it is actually required.

Tips: The Easiest And Best Way To Water The Plants

  • Focus on the roots and not the foliage
  • Water according to the weather conditions and requirement of the plant
  • Water the base of the plants for the water to sink till the roots
  • Water the plants in the morning to prevent plant diseases
  • Use the right watering products – Order garden water can online!

Let’s use the right products and stop overwatering our gardens.