Garden Water Can for Gardening: We Care About the Environment

We all are acquainted with watering our plants and garden with a hose attached to a water source. This is to a general misconception that the plants love free-flowing water, as much as we do.

On the contrary, there is a high need to conserve water and keep a check on the water usage. This is highly required for proper irrigation and environmental benefits of optimal water usage.

If you are looking for a garden with healthy plants and beautiful landscaping, you should definitely own the plastic watering can from Omega Packaging. With a keen interest in the sustainable environment, with a wide range of eco-friendly products.

A garden water can is portable, usually built with a spout and a handle, making it easier to water plants by hand. Apart from watering your plants, it is a fairly versatile garden tool with varied other uses.




COST EFFECTIVE: With other option in metal cans, the plastic can be less expensive, lightweight and easier to tote around.

GENTLE ON SEEDLINGS: Unlike hoses and sprinklers, the watering cans promise quality watering with gentle effect, even on the seedlings. It makes it easier for the water to reach the roots deep enough.

EASY ACCESSIBILITY: Best for higher hanging planters, vertical gardens and low lying plants. With the long spout, the watering cans can make watering the plants much easy.

DURABLE AND LONG LASTING: The plastic doesn’t rust and is visually appealing with high functionality.

EASY STORAGE: With the water can, the gardening enthusiasts don’t have to worry about large storage space.

EASY TO REFILL: Can be conveniently refilled without much hassle.

If you wish to keep your garden looking fresh and blooming with our 9L garden Water Can, please connect with us and see how we can help. We are be reached on 03 8348 5611 or