Omega Packaging Announces Release of New box code – A29

New box is ideal for 24 bunches of Broccolini and Baby Broccoli.

Ext Dimensions: 385x290x265MM
Int. Dimensions: 347 X 252X 225MM
Volume (liter) : 19.5
Qty per Pallets: 180

Omega Packaging today announced the release of its A29 box for 24 bunches of Broccolini and Baby Broccoli. The new box holds more volume for packing baby broccoli and room for extra ice now the baby broccoli are kept colder, longer.
Our growers are pleased to see their baby broccoli arrive cold and fresh at far away markets.

Its strong and robust contraction is proving to be very useful as they are traveling long distances and over rough country roads providing a cold environment during very hot summer days. The thick wall construction has proved to hold a stable cold internal temperature.

The new A29 box is also being used by growers packing Brussels sprouts, Hot Chilies and Bok Choi.

Omega Packaging sales manager has said the he anticipates growers of summer fruits such as cherries, apricots and figs to be users of the great little packer.