Omega Packaging Announces the Release of 20 Lts D.G cube. Code-B2011

New 20 Ltd Dangerous goods approval cube from Omega Packaging Australia pty ltd

Product code- B2011
Description= 20 LTS cube for Dangers goods.
Ext Dimensions: 285 Lx285 W x360 H MM
Volume (liter): 20 LTS
Qty per Pallets: 80

Omega packaging announced the release of its 20 LTS cube for Dangerous

Goods. Our product is passed the test method: UN recommendation on the transport of Dangerous Goods. This test is done by Falcon test engineer. NATA certificate is issued on 12/09/2013 by NATA test certification of test. Also it is registered in work safe.

This product is ideal for Liquids Dangerous good. This is in Liquids Dangerous goods packaging group- III. We can supply this product in natural or any colour as per customer required. This product is made by Omega Packaging Australia pty ltd in our manufacturing facility in Derrimut, Victoria. We make this product from extrusion blow HDPE resin, which is made by Qennos Australia. That way we are supporting Australian local manufacturing company.

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