Selecting the Right Tape for Business – Here’s a Glimpse of Factors to Consider

One of the most basic requirements of the packaging industry is to have the right kind of “packaging tape”.

A premium grade and super durable tapes are used to seal, wrap and stack items during storage and shipment. Therefore, choosing the right tape makes all the difference. It ensures the content of shipments are safely transported to its destination.

With numerous options for packaging tapes available in the market, it becomes challenging to select the one that fits your requirements. Since, most of the tapes are available in a variety of materials, strength, thickness and width, the selection process requires careful considerations.

Selecting the Right Tape for Business

How to Select the Right Packaging Tape For Your Business?

  • Grade refers to the thickness of the tape and the type of adhesive used. Depending on the carton size, the weight of the package, and shipping conditions, you can either go for lower grades or higher grades. Lower grade tapes are thinner with comparatively weaker tackiness and are perfect for lightweight packages. Higher grades are the thick tapes and have lots of adhesives. With its outstanding tensile strength, they are perfect for heavy duty sealing.
  • Besides, it’s important to consider several environmental factors. Take into account how your products are being produced, stored and shipped. Moreover, factors like temperature, humidity and dust can affect the stickiness of the tape.
  • Stronger substrate or adhesion surface refers to the area where the tape is usually applied. Depending on the kind of carton – corrugated, recycled, double wall or waxed, you may not need to be particularly about considering the substrate. For example recycled cartons require a stronger tape adhesion than the standard cartons.
  • Quality affects the working ability of the tape. A high quality tape with great tensile strength and elongation percent at break will not break or tear easily. Inconsistency in the tape quality can create a packaging line setback and can cost you money and reputation.
  • Moreover, make sure the tape is easy to unwind and has a good adhesion to even the corrugated surface.

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