Omega Packaging is Now Harnessing the Clean Solar Energy

The continuously increasing average temperature has been posing a serious challenge to the existence of life on the planet. Many global businesses are taking proactive and practical steps towards generating clean energy to cut down their carbon footprint.

Following the footsteps of various global business organisations, Omega Packaging has installed a mega 99kW solar system to generate electricity and power up our manufacturing plant.

At Omega Packaging, we believe that it is every business’s responsibility to take active steps to protect the environment by reducing their carbon emission.  Since our country has ideal geographically conditions to harness the mostly untapped solar power to produce low-cost and clean electricity, we are committed to using renewable energy. By installing a solar power system, we took a small step towards preserving the environment and valuable natural resources.

The installation of a 99kW ultra powerful solar system enables us to generate over 14MWh of electricity. This helped us to reduce approximately 14.5 tons of carbon emissions in February. Besides, installing a solar system at our manufacturing unit allowed our business to become energy-independent and fulfil our energy requirements.   As a part of our corporate social responsibility, we aim to tap the solar energy to contribute to:

  • Bringing down the level of carbon emission and other greenhouse gases.
  • Reduce air pollution and help in the preservation of nature
  • Contribute towards making the world a better place and slow down climate change.