The Amazing Benefits of EPS Packaging in the Food Industry

Expanded polystyrene or EPS foam boxes are widely used in a variety of industries like food, health and pharmaceutical.
However, known for its super insulating and protective properties, EPS foam boxes have been a popular choice in the food industry. In this blog, we will look at some of the main properties of EPS boxes and how it helps the food industry.

Maintains Ideal Temperature

A rise in the temperature can spoil the food, especially perishables like fresh meat, seafood or ice-cream. And so, maintaining a constant temperature during the transportation is essential to guarantee the food quality is intact.

EPS (expanded polystyrene) boxes have a low threshold of thermal conductivity as compared to other packaging material made of wood, or cardboard. EPS has excellent insulating properties which make it an ideal choice for packaging, storing and transporting easily perishable food items where good insulation is required.

The EPS cooler boxes are widely used to keep food products at even or below the surrounding temperatures and protect it against any sudden temperature changes.

Better Protection Against Damage

The insulation properties of EPS boxes create perfect thermal conditions, which helps in prevention of bacterial deterioration and any external contamination. These boxes create an ideal storage environment that preserves food products like fruits, milk products or vegetables for a longer duration.

It’s incredible thermal and protective properties offer a reliable and cost-effective option for temperature-sensitive fresh produces like meat and seafood.

Moreover, by maintaining a stable temperature and enforcing a protective barrier, EPS boxes help the food producers to meet strict regulatory requirements, quality and food safety criteria.

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