How to Choose the Right Watering Can for Style and Convenience?

When it comes to water the flowers and plants gently, nothing can beat the practical and easy to carry watering cans. Whether you have a small indoor garden or a huge outdoor yard, watering cans always come handy.

Choosing the Right Watering Can

Picking up a right watering can doesn’t mean you just grab the least expensive model off the shelf.  Even if you wish to have a can strictly for decorative purpose, there are few design components that make nurturing the plant easier.

In addition to this, size is another essential factor that you need to consider before choosing a watering can. A small can will make you have multiple trips to the faucet, while a large can might be too heavy to carry.

Apart from this, when you shop for a watering can consider whether you want it for an indoor or outdoor garden.  If you want a container to water houseplants, a small watering can work perfectly well. Usually, outdoor watering cans are larger and can resist extreme temperature and weather conditions.

There are other features to look for when you shop for a watering can. These include:

  • Balance – It’s always essential that your can is stable even when empty or filled. Right balance makes it easy to carry the container.
  • The material of the Can – Plastic is considered as an excellent option for a watering can. However, there’s a wide variety of options for material. For example, you have steel, ceramic (best for display and occasional light indoor use) and copper.
  • Imprinted measurement markings – When the can bear measurement markings, it’s become much easier to add soluble fertilizer.
    Removable rose – You might want to take a rose off for occasional cleaning to dislodge any difficult debris.
  • Spout – The length of a spout is another important aspect to consider you are selecting a watering can. For example, if you wish to water the hanging plants, a longer spout should be an obvious choice. Moreover, it is essential that the spout’s end is situated on a plane that is higher than the container.

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