EPS Boxes – A Boon for the Seafood Industry

Preserving and shipping fresh catch from seas to the sales counter or restaurant is one of the biggest challenges faced by the seafood industry. You require proper packaging solutions to ensure the contents remain fresh when they reach the shelves in convenience stores.

EPS or Expanded Polystyrene is one of the globally-preferred solutions to transport fish, and other fresh produce right from the sea to sales counter, in prime condition. Known for its high-end insulation qualities, shock resistance, lightweight and durability, EPS foam boxes are considered as the best option as seafood packaging.

EPS containers are available in a variety of custom moulded shapes, which means it can be used for packaging an array of sea produce like fishes, crabs, lobsters, octopus and more.

Besides, these boxes are water-resistant, thus protects the content from external moisture and preserve the perishables for a longer period of time.

Fresh sea produce is temperature-sensitive. If the internal temperature is not maintained correctly, the perishables can get rotten in no time. Since EPS boxes possess high thermal insulation properties, they protect and salvage the sea catch when they are transported to the stores.

Apart from this, the containers are durable, making it one of the most efficient packaging materials. Since it is 98% air EPS boxes are extremely easy to stack.

Moreover, EPS boxes are lightweight, which reduces the shipping costs, while its insulating properties protect the perishables during transit and ensure fresh delivery for seafood.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the properties of EPS box which makes it a boon for the seafood industry:

  • Exceptional thermal insulation – Keeps the internal temperature stable, irrespective of external fluctuations.
  • Have shock-resistant qualities; these tamper-proof boxes preserve the seafood during transit
  • Lightweight makes it easy to carry and stack the boxes
  • EPS boxes recyclable and can be reused when they are clean and uncontaminated.

If you a fisherman or associated with the seafood industry and seeking for efficient packaging and shipping solutions, get in touch with us.