Know the Astonishing Benefits of Expanded Polystyrene

Expanded Polystyrene also known as EPS is a cellular plastic. It is a collection of polystyrene beads that are compressed and shaped to form a sheet. Polystyrene has been used in the packaging industry for decades but EPS has started gaining more popularity in recent times. This is because of its lightweight and highly protective property. EPS is also used in child safety equipment for car seats and even for bike helmets. Expanded Polystyrene has exceptional shock absorbing characteristics making it ideal for storage. Here are some more benefits that make this packaging material a miracle packaging option.

Benefits of Expanded Polystyrene

Shock Absorption

EPS boxes are one of the most preferred options for packaging products such as appliances, chemicals, computers, electronic products and more. This is because expanded polystyrene exhibits excellent shock absorbing characteristics.


EPS can be manufactured in any shape or size and can be easily cut and shaped. It can also be produced in various densities based on your needs. EPS is also compatible with a wide variety of materials making it the best packaging choice.

Thermal Efficiency

The thermal efficiency exhibited by Expanded Polystyrene makes it ideal for packaging all products that are sensitive to temperature change. The products that are packed in EPS boxes maintain temperature for long periods. When packed in our EPS boxes, your products can stay protected from temperature changes that occur in different climatic zones while transportation.

Moisture Resistance

Expanded Polystyrene is made up of closed-cell material that does not absorb water. As there is no loss of strength in damp conditions, EPS packaging proves to be the perfect choice for cold-chain products. EPS is moisture resistant, making it ideal for use in fishing floats and marina buoys.

Expanded Polystyrene is used in an array of industries including health, food and pharmaceutical companies because of its superior insulating and protective properties. At Omega Packaging, We aim to provide the best quality packing materials that are delivered fast and with exceptional customer service. We understand the needs of our client and provide them with the best EPS packaging boxes.