How EPS Boxes offer Ultimate Packaging Solution for Food Prep Companies?

Our lives are getting hectic. Between the stresses of work, hitting the yoga classes and running errands, cooking can sometimes take a back seat – even when you are hungry.

Fortunately, there are several meal prep companies that offer a great alternative to simply ordering a pizza or taking out a McDonald’s burger. Over time the owners of prep services have realised that to get meals out of the door and into the hands of customers, right packaging plays a huge part!

Without the proper packaging material, the chances of meal surviving the trip drops drastically. A spoiled meal – whether it’s due to delivery damage, spillage or food going stale – can kill your business. Here are some of the packaging supplies that you need to ship food kits or prepared meals, safely!

EPS Boxes offer Ultimate Packaging Solution for Food Prep Companies

Shipping delicious and perishable meals is a challenging task. Therefore, using the right kind of packaging will help you ensure the food is not spoiled or spilled. With custom -made EPS boxes you can deliver the prepared meal in fresh condition and create an unforgettable unboxing experience. In addition to this, you can incorporate logos, colours and other branding elements to create maximum impact. The customised EPS boxes offer an economical and effective branding choice.

EPS Boxes – Ultimate Insulated Packaging Solutions

Preventing bacteria growth and keeping the food in edible condition is the key when shipping prepared meals. Whether you’re transporting frozen or chilled food, you need the right supplies to keep them fresh, edible and non perishable for as long as possible.

  • The insulated EPS boxes keep the inclement weather and humidity at bay by keeping the cooler air inside. You can use water activated tape or cold temperature tape to ensure extra reliability.
  • Additionally, these boxes maintain a uniform temperature and contain the spills. The cool air inside keeps the perishable creations in edible conditions.
  • Moreover, the low temperatures within the box extend safe shipping times. These boxes are extremely helpful if the shipments are going to be an overnight haul.

If you are looking for high quality EPS foam boxes for your meal prep services, call Omega Packaging today.