Here’s How EPS Waffle Pods Help Going Easy On The Environment

With global warming showing its effects worldwide, it’s high time we introspect into what we can do better. Reducing global emissions is the talk of the town. Cement Industries are responsible for 8% of the global emissions, the world’s single largest industrial cause of carbon pollution.

While we are still busy building concrete jungles everywhere, we step foot, and it is about time we slow things down, pace ourselves or find environment-friendly solutions. Waffle pods made from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) are a step toward the eco-friendly approach, as they reduce the concrete used and excavation required.

How Does Using EPS Waffle Pods Make a Direct Impact On The Environment?

Waffle slabs are helping the environment one project at a time. Using the waffle slabs doesn’t just help with environmental causes; it helps commercially too. Time spent on labour and excavation costs is also considerably reduced. Here’s how EPS are helping the world go green:

Pods Floor System

Reduced Waste By Using Recycling Materials

EPS pod manufacturers use up to 40 per cent recycled materials to produce their waffle pods. The new design will offer an even greater potential for sustainability, reducing the demand for finite resources.

Minimal Impact On The Environment

Use of cement is drastically reduced, minimising the impact on the environment.

Less Soil Disturbance

When using Waffle pods, the amount of soil to be excavated is relatively lower as they provide higher strength and occupy plenty of space on their own.

No Excavated Rubble From Trenches To Dispose Of

Waffle pod slabs have a unique design that makes installing the flooring easier. No longer will you be required to dig up your lawn or spend hours on excavation; simply place them in their intended location, and connect them. Lack of excavation eliminates the task of disposing of the excavated rubble.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Polystyrene voids act like insulation pockets reducing the heat loss through the floor significantly, reducing the cooling and heating loads in the respective seasons.

Due to the significant ease in use and cost-effectiveness of the Waffle pods, they are gaining popularity in the construction industry. Who wouldn’t want to save money while saving the environment too?

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