Pod Floor Systems – A Revolution in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is undergoing a slow and dramatic transformation – thanks to several revolutionary products coming into the market. One such product is the Pod floor system by Omega Packaging. This innovative method of constructing concrete slabs provides immense strength and durability, along with reducing construction costs.

What are Pod Floor Systems?

A pod floor is a raised flooring system consisting of adjustable pods or industrial pedestals. These next-generation floor systems create robust, stable, levelled floors in constructing several commercial and residential properties. Additionally, the system can be applied on sloping or uneven surfaces as it is easy to individually adjust for compensating unevenness and irregularities in the floorings.

Pods Floor System

At Omega Packaging, we use expanded polystyrene to manufacture these pods, so they display impressive durability. Moreover, they have exceptional compressive strength and water or thermal insulation resistance.

These are designed specifically for construction applications and provide under slab insulation and support. Moreover, these pods work in unison with natural soil movement and reduce the amount of concrete required for the building.

Additionally, these pods make the construction quicker and most affordable compared to the legacy concrete pours. The design enables higher insulation levels through the natural air pockets.

With these pods, the construction occurs on evenly levelled surfaces, enabling you to continue work uninterrupted in wet weather. As these pods allow an accurate specification of concrete quantities, it results in:

  • Minimal wastage
  • Less impact on the environment and soil disturbance
  • Zero excavated rubble from trenches, so disposal doesn’t become an issue.

Benefits of Pod Floor Systems By Omega Packaging

It’s Economical

  • Allows you to save money on concrete
  • Enables to save time in setting up the slab site

It Saves Time

  • These pods are quicker to finish as compared to concrete slabs
  • Allows you to work in the wet weather, unlike traditional concrete slabs

Increased Energy Efficiency

  • The polystyrene voids act as insulation pockets and drastically reduce heat loss through the floor.

If you want to know more about waffle pod systems, contact our experts today.