What is Lightweight Packaging?

With the evolution of packaging and logistics, lighter and more durable versions are required to contain everything from beverages and edibles to fragile items. Lightweight packaging brings several advantages for the people using it. With the rising fuel costs and supply chain issues, lightweight packaging is a concept that’s become the talk of the town.

Lightweight packaging is a solution that creates lighter packaging without compromising product protection. This concept helps create efficient packaging that reduces logistical costs and is environmentally friendly.

What are the Materials of Lightweight Packaging?

There are several different approaches to achieving lightweight packaging. Many firms start with discarding the objects or parts of the packaging that are unnecessary or irrelevant. While this approach might help, changing the packaging material reduces the weight significantly without compromising the safety of the products.

Pods Floor System

EPP and EPS stand out as they are made of 98% air and have only 2% matter. They offer an astounding 62% weight reduction compared to other plastics and an 82% weight reduction compared to wood.

Additionally, they offer extraordinary shock absorption capabilities and thermal insulation, making them a popular choice for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

How Does Lightweight Packaging Material Help in Logistics?

Lower Costs

A reduction in the packaging weight lowers the costs incurred in transporting it. Shipping companies determine the relationship between cargo weight and volume for the cost, which is why lightweight packaging significantly reduces costs.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Since EPS is created by polymerization, EPS manufacturing plants generate less waste and consume less energy.

Easier Handling

Due to their significantly lower weight, handling these packages is much easier. This increases the efficiency of your distribution cycle and enhances your transportation and handling processes.

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