Extend the Shelf Life of Fruits with EPS Packaging Solutions

When it comes to shipping certain fruits and veggies to the marketplace, there are tons of logistic concerns that you need to address. Apart from ensuring that the farm produces reach unharmed to the shelves, it is a real headache to ensure that the produce are still fresh and haven’t perished during the transit.

There are certain fruits like grapes, berries, bananas and plums that can easily go bad as soon as they are harvested. Therefore, extending the shelf life of these fruits is critical so that they can reach the stores while they still haven’t started showing signs of spoilage. This not only saves money and increases your profits significantly, but also effectively addresses the issue of food waste.

EPS Packaging Solutions

EPS Packaging Solutions for Perishable Products like Fruits

Till very recently, corrugated boxes were extensively used to ship farm produce to the supermarkets. However, these packaging solutions had their own limitations. These boxes made it difficult to extend the shelf life of the perishable products and thus resulted in waste of resources and money.

Packaging and shipping fruits in EPS or Expandable Polystyrene boxes is a great way to extend their shelf life. As compared to packing and transporting the fruits or veggies in corrugated cardboard boxes, the EPS ensures the content remains fresh and edible when they reach to the shelves.

EPS is a lightweight foam material as these are made up of around 98% air and 2% recyclable plastic. Fruits and vegetables packed in EPS packaging stays fresher for longer periods and thus extends their shelf life up to 120 days. These EPS boxes reduce the amount of moisture, thus effectively maintaining the cold chain process.

Since, EPS is shock absorbent, hence cushioning the fruits from the bumps and impacts during the transit. This ensures the fruits like grapes, berries or oranges don’t get squashed or damaged. Moreover, these are insulated boxes which maintain the interior temperature and humidity levels, thus slowing down the rotting process. This ensures that the fruits stay edible and fresh when they reach the supermarket aisles.

Additionally, since these boxes are lightweight and can be easily stacked together they take up minimum space. Thus, you can store and transport more boxes without adding to the fuel costs.

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