Know the Benefits of EPS Cooler Boxes for Your Business

Benefits of EPS Cooler Boxes for Your Business

Polystyrene is a versatile plastic material used quite a lot in the food industry. It is utilised mainly in the food industry and lab products. This is because it is a strong plastic that is needed in industries that require clarity. A Polystyrene Cooler Box, commonly known as an EPS cooler box, works effectively in keeping things cold. The primary reason for this is that the material used in a bad conductor of heat. There are ample benefits of using EPS boxes for your business.

Maintains Constant Temperature

Changes in temperature can be detrimental to the quality of food, vegetables, or medicine packed inside its packaging. It is, therefore, vital to maintaining a constant temperature during the storage and transportation of food materials. Perishables like fresh meat, fresh seafood, or ice cream need proper packaging to maintain their temperature and extend their shelf life. EPS or expanded polystyrene has a very low thermal conductivity rate compared to wood, paper, cardboard, and other packaging materials. This means that the insulating performance of EPS packaging is higher compared to other conventional packaging materials.

Protection from Damage

It maintains the ideal temperature, but EPS boxes also assist in preventing bacterial deterioration and external contaminations. When you store your product in any EPS box, you can ensure it is in ideal thermal and hygienic conditions. EPS packaging helps in protecting the product against mechanical deterioration due to improper manipulation and transportation.


EPS boxes can be customised into any shape and size, depending on your exact requirement. EPS boxes from Omega Packaging are among the most robust, cutting-edge, modern packaging solutions for your product. We provide high-quality EPS foam boxes in an economical manner.

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