A33 – 12L Foam Cooler Box

Ext. Dimensions 270H x 240W x 395L
Int. Dimensions 195H x 185W x 330L
Volume ( litre ) 12L
Description We are pleased to offer our customers the new addition to our family of quality Ice/Cooler boxes that meet and exceed the needs for quality ice/cooler boxes.
Qty. per Pallet 72

The all new A33 – Foam Cooler box – 12L is in full production and ample stock is now available for customers that require a high thermal performance needed in the transportation and storage of temperature sensitive freight. This product has many purposes within the medicine industry in the forms of organ deliveries.

Our customers are very pleased with this new addition and its performance in today’s Southern Australian climate. It is expected to well perform in the coming hot weather season.

We do not compromise on quality and we are very competitive with our pricing, give us a call to find out.

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