4 Factors That You Consider While Choosing a Packaging Tape

Selecting a packaging tape may look trivial and unimportant, especially when you are focusing on the overall packaging operation. But, that’s where things go wrong!

Remember, only a good quality packaging tape will secure contents of your boxes. And so, it is a very crucial material to ensure the package arrives safely and intact.

Selecting wrong type of Incorrect packaging tape could result in serious consequences. It may result into product damage or theft. Result – your reputation and goodwill suffers a major setback.

There are various factors that you need to consider before selecting a packaging tape. Right from hot melt to acrylic adhesives and cold to warm temperature, these are some of the important factors:

Adhesive Thickness:

Level of film and thickness of adhesive in the tape varies. It’s called grade. The grades determine tensile strength and holding-capacity of the tape. It is important that you take a good look at the grades, before making a purchase. Also, it is important to consider carton size, the possible weight of the content and the shipping environment, to determine the grade of the tape.

Shipping/Storing Condition:

While buying a packaging tape, it is important that you consider the production and shipping/storage conditions. Factors like temperature, humidity, and dust can affect the quality of the tape.

Carton Types:

Before buying the tape, it is important to consider what are you packing. There are different carton types available. You have options like recycled, thick, and double wall. Each of these cartons has its own set of flaws when it comes to tape performance.

Tape Quality:

Finally, one last you need to consider while choosing a tape is tape quality. A good quality packaging tape can be easily unwound, gets a good grip even on a corrugated surface, and is strong and durable that can withstand the distribution network. Usually, the tape is seen as the main reason for a broken/damaged packaging. But, when you buy a tape considering the aforementioned factors, chances are you will get a good tape that will not come out and the package is securely delivered.