The long awaited 132nd Annual Bairnsdale Show is on way now and is all set to kick off on Saturday, 5th November 2011. Preparations for the two days long event are in full swing.

The Annual Bairnsdale Show is Australia’s premier and prominent event showcasing packaging solutions of Australia's leading packaging suppliers such as Omega Packaging.

The Bairnsdale Show provides an opportunity for our community to gather together to showcase their skills and have a great day's entertainment. Omega Packaging will be showcasing packaging solutions. Whether you enjoy the extensive array of produce, art and handcrafts on display throughout the pavilions, watching the woodchopping or taking part in the fun competitions, there is something for all the family to enjoy!

Products and Services at a Glance

The 132nd Annual Bairndale Show will be an immense opportunity for those who wish to get in touch with Foam Box, Polystyrene Mouldings, and EPS Moudling and Foam Mouldings products.

We are exhibiting our packaging solutions at this Expo; come and meet us at The Indoor site. Omega Packaging will be showcasing the products and services related to packaging solutions, food packaging, Foam Box and Polystyrene Mouldings etc. Come and say hello.

Take a look inside Omega at the Event

Omega Packaging – Australia’s trusted and tested brand name for EPS Mouldings and Foam Mouldings products will be demonstrating wide range of packaging products including Custom Boxes, Foam Boxes, Styrofoam Boxes, Ice Boxes and various other types of boxes which can meet your packaging needs. Being one of the leading Packaging Suppliers of Australia, Omega Packaging takes care of varied packaging needs of various industries and offers them quality and sustainable packaging solutions like Vegetable Boxes.