The Packaging Industry has been passing through major revolutions and innovation at the moment. We have seen a number of Packaging Box such as EPS Box, Ice Boxes and Vegetable Boxes and a few more. These Packaging Solutions have been widely used by the consumers to store and keep the food fresh for longer period of time. Moreover, the users also prefer theses kind of Packaging Solutions to keep the food away from getting waste/damaged/connecting to any external or internal germs/damaging factors.

The Food Packing Industry and the Consumers:

Over the last few years, the Packaging Industry is experiencing a booming wind of change in terms of the packing box they produce. Now is the time when consumers have become more aware of the quality and features of the packing solution which are being offered by the industry. This is the time when users prefer the quality of the packing box. They are becoming aware of their health, their money and their approach towards the product. So the packing industry needs to take new initiatives and need to implement the ideas and technologies that satisfy the ever increasing needs of the consumers. And the Sustainable Packaging Solution is just a kind of initiative being taken by the Food Packing Industry.

What’s the concept?

Sustainable Packaging Solution is the modern era, high tech version of the tradition Packaging Solution with enhanced features having more durability and sustainability that helps food stay fresh for more time and thus helps consumers in getting higher RoI.

This new concept of Sustainable Packaging has been widely accepted by the industry leaders. In fact there is a legal committee called Roger Zallner, Co-Chariman and Director of Global Packaging Project told that Sustainability is the Shared Responsibility and by establishing a uniform and common industry language will enable retailers and manufacturers work together and will help them in boosting up the business as well as increasing consumer’s interest and loyalty by offering them higher quality products.