The Packaging Box helps you store your food fresh for very long. There are many variants of Packaging Solutions like EPS Box, Vegetable Boxes and Ice Box. Another major use of these Packaging Solutions is to prevent food getting connected with external/environmental germs or bugs that could cause the quality of the food.

Intelligent Food Packaging: What that means?

Have you ever thought of Food Packaging Solutions that alerts you when your food is expired and unusable? If you ever dreamt of this, your dream is about to come true! Researchers at leading Food Packaging Companies’ R & D Centers around the world were constantly working for developing the type of a packaging box that sustains for longer time and that alerts consumers when food is expired or gets off! And the great thing is that their researches have been turned to be a great success! For example, scientists at the Strathclyde University in Glasgow have successfully developed Intelligent Plastic Indicator that helps consumers in identifying when food is getting expired. This ultra-modern, high tech solution is known as “Intelligent Packaging”

How the user knows if food is expired?

There is an indicator that changes its color when food is about to get expired or is about to lose its freshness due to any internal or external factor. So when this indicator changes its color, the consumer/user comes to know that the food being stored/kept in the package is no more usable and thus the user does not use this so as to stay away from having any side effect or damage to the health which may be caused by eating/using the damaged/waste/expired food.

Who will benefit from this innovation?

This revolutionary innovation in food packaging industry will help and benefit both the users and the Packaging Suppliers too. Firstly, at the user perspective, this new technology will help them (as said earlier) in eating fresh food and staying away from using waste/expired food. From the manufacturers’ point of view, this new innovation will help them in producing more quality solutions and thus they will be able to gain more and more respect of their customers and will help in establishing a respectful and leading perception in the industry. For example, if a company implements this technology and produces this intelligent food package, then customers will buy this solution as against buying other manufacturer’s traditional packaging solution. Moreover, consumers will also trust the company that manufacture this packaging box and will retain to the company for a long period of time which will obviously boost up the company’s profit as well as will give it a wider market share.