Food packaging is very important area of concern for food manufacturer as various things such as freshness, marketing considerations, protection, serving size, and compliance with government regulations depend upon food packaging style. Packaging food makes the food items safe and invulnerable to contamination. The shelf life of food items improves and it stays fresh longer with the help of an efficient food packaging. A viable Packaging is also very convenient from the consumer’s point of view.

EPS Foam boxes are the best solution for food packaging. In these EPS Foam boxes food stay fresh and protected. EPS Foam boxes are bacteria free, temperature resistant, shock proof, have low fluid absorption, age resistant, versatile, very light weighted. Thus it is suitable for packaging all kinds of food items. Now there is no ease of protection and pollution with EPS packaging during transportation.

Omega Packaging is manufacturers of lightweight, durable EPS boxes. Our packing boxes protect and insulate your valuable stock during transport. You can buy off the shelf from our large range of box styles, or we can custom mould any shape to your specifications. many products like the products with the product code- 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26 are perfect for food packaging using which the food items may remain in safe and protected state.