Time to secure your product shipments with custom foam packaging

In a world where deliveries are ever-increasing due to online orders, a growing number of companies need to review the way they package and protect their food items. One of the most important aspects of any food company when shipping food items is ensuring that products are secured through the entire packaging and shipping process.

When it comes to high-quality food packaging materials, the best safety choice is the custom foam packaging. Avoid the loss of time and money (and potentially customers) caused by items being damaged through the shipment process.

Foodservice Packaging Benefits

Foodservice packaging gives consumers the chance to reduce the amount of food they throw in the trash. The foodservice industry uses specialised packaging for a variety of purposes, including

  • Takeout Leftovers
  • Grocery delivery
  • Ready-to-eat food

Ordering takeout or picking up ready-to-eat foods is next to impossible without proper packaging. Foodservice packaging is more than just a convenience—it’s a necessity. Good food service packaging is:

Product Safety

Just as important as it is to provide your customers with a great experience, it is just as important to ensure that your product arrives at the doorstep of your customer exactly as it left your warehouse. It doesn’t matter how amazing the product is, what problems it solves, and so on if you can’t guarantee it will make it into one piece for the customers.

A custom packaging box packed with foam packing ensures your product is safely manufactured from point A to point B. Combine custom packaging boxes with the best packaging materials that will safeguard your goods and you will never have to worry about the safety of your product.

Be careful when packaging goods

Shipping products is a science – not only to keep costs low for yourself and your clients but also to ensure that items are secured during transit and for a great unboxing experience arrive safely and soundly. Although not many sets of hands can touch those packages during delivery, one mistake is all it takes to ruin your product, ruin the experience of your customer and ruin the day of your customer service department.

Be responsible for the packaging of products

Product packaging will affect the unboxing experience and the customer will refund it if the product is damaged. Bad packaging will make the harm worse if the product is returned (most likely) in the same package, thereby removing the possibility of restore and resell. Focusing on quality product packaging can not only help you offer a better unboxing experience but also lower returns.

Be contactable with product packaging

Last but definitely not least, what your product packaging says about you will affect your brand’s view of your customers in the unboxing process. If you are delivering a product with recyclable support content in a corrugated container and a short note telling the customer to recycle it, you’ve won the day. The product has arrived safely and sound, the customer knows what to do with the package and they know you care.

Brand awareness increased

You can quickly raise your brand recognition and stand out from rivals by making custom packaging boxes that are quickly repeatable, cost-effective and true to your brand. An innovative, custom design that is exclusive to your company will achieve your goals for brand recognition, and much more.

Custom design for retail

As far as the retail packaging is concerned, catching a customer’s attention is one of the toughest challenges the company faces, but it is also the most critical aspect. Companies usually have just a few seconds to make an impression on customers. If your product does not stand out from its rivals, it is not going to have a chance of being picked up and further investigated, let alone purchased. But custom packaging boxes will alter it all.m

Foam packaging saves Money

Economical foam cuts your packaging material costs without compromising product protection. Speeds Up Packaging Process foam expands in seconds to form protective cushions, significantly improving productivity. Makes Packaging Products Easy Economically and efficiently protects products of any size, shape and weight.

Versatile Whether your packaging requirement is precision cushioning, high-speed void fill or heavy-duty blocking and bracing, there is a system to meet your needs.

Eco-Friendly foam

requires less cushioning material in each pack, reducing package size and weight. By expanding on-site as much as 200 times, it reduces the number of trucks needed for distribution.

It’s time to wrap up your last piece of packaging

At Omega Packaging, We design custom packaging boxes customised to the unique needs of your company. One of the most economical packaging materials available, foam can cut your material costs dramatically, without compromising product protection.

Omega Packaging offers the full line of Foam Packaging products and our professionals will evaluate your business’ packaging operation to properly protect your items. For help with ordering Foam Packaging products contact Omega Packaging representative for assistance today.