EPS or Expanded Polystyrene sometimes also known as Polystyrene Foam has been in use in packaging for many industrial and commercial products ranging from mobile to machines. Apart from industrial and commercial usage, EPS has also significant present in our day to day life where we use many packaging solutions or home utensils. It is quiet important to note here that with advancement in technologies around the globe, the awareness regarding keeping the environment safe and making it greener is also increasing immensely.

And with immense increase in environment friendly awareness people are tending to be using environment friendly products or products that are made using environment friendly technologies. In particular, if we talk about farming or agriculture products and technologies, people in Australia have widely been supporting growers who use EPS or Expanded Polystyrene products for their farming/agriculture purposes. But do you know why this EPS Foam is called to be so environment friendly? Because it has some robust qualities that makes it environment friendly. And its ability to get re-used or re-cycled is best of its features. Let's know more about its environment features and how it helps us keep our environment green.

Salient Features of EPS Foam

  • Total Recyclable material.
  • Consists of mostly air (almost 98%)
  • Uses natural gas such as pentane as blowing agent.
  • EPS Foam is safe for food contact.
  • Environment friendly
  • And much more...

Why EPS Foam is so recyclable?

While it is to be noted that there are many other packaging materials that are not easily recyclable, but EPS Foam is quiet easily recyclable because EPS Foam is made up of just one material, not multiple layers of paper and plastic film.

Recycling is beneficial to manufacturers as well!

With increase awareness about using environment friendly or recyclable products, some manufacturers businesses are promoting their business by the means of claiming about their environment friendly products so as to stand apart from their rivals.

Government's role in EPS Foam Recycling claims

As a big positive move towards making Australian environment greener, Australian Government has formed The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission known as ACCC which regulates and monitors the legality of any claims regarding recycling the EPS Foam. The commission is also given authority to take legal actions against those who are trying to make false or misleading claims regarding recycling.

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