Growers in Victoria contribute to Green revolution by using Omega Packaging’s A01 Half Case – the cost effective packaging solution.

Farming industry and farmers in victoria are witnessing a green revolution these days. The reason for this green revolution lies in the increased use of Omega Packaging’s A01 Half Case - a perfect packaging solution designed for growers in victoria and in particular for growers in melbourne who are looking for a cost effective and quality solution for their hothouse investment and related requirements.

The cost effective packaging solution from Omega Packaging:

Coming out with an innovative and revolutionized solution has been part of tradition at Omega Packaging. And keeping this tradition alive, Omega Packaging – one of the best packaging suppliers has again come out with new and revolutionized packaging solution – A01 Half Case. This packaging product caters to the long waited need of growers in victoria (also referred as farmers) and gives farming industry a boom to grow with green attitude and minimizes the pollution concerns of growers or the farmers in victoria. A01 Half Cases are designed in such a way that it delivers quality, satisfaction and gives high returns on investment to growers.

EPS Box and future of the farming:

Omega Packaging’s EPS Box A01 Half Case is designed to meet the requirements of new generation of farming industry. Our A01 Half Case EPS Box helps farmers and growers gain most out of the hothouse investment. Our EPS Box also helps growers in dealing with massive changes in the farming industry in terms of technology and enables them to cope up with ever growing climate change worries.

Case study:

Why Piccollo Brothers Hot House Farm choose omega packaging’s A01 Half Case:

Werribee south based Hot House Farm - Piccollo Brothers have chosen Omega Packaging’s A01 Half Case for their 8 hot house investment. Piccollo Brothers Hot House Farm who enjoy a reputed impression over farmers in victoria always insist on the best quality for their EPS Box related requirements and that’s enough to signify the importance of Omega Packaging’s A01 Half Case.

Quoting the question why did you choose Omega Packaging’s A01 Half Case over others, Piccollo Brothers Hot House Farm replied - “Omega Packaging’s A01 half Case are durable, lightweight and strong in nature.” Moreover, commenting about decision to buy these A01 Half Cases, they said that the box design played a vital role in coming down to the decision of choosing this EPS Box. “What we were amazed at is multiple ridges of this wonderful EPS Box, while other boxes are designed with a large dip in the centre on all top sides, these boxes are designed in such a way that they have a ridge in the middle and that makes them ideal for placing the thin black tube that feeds liquid onto the plants.” – said Piccollo Brothers officials.

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