Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a rigid cellular plastic formed from oil, and is found in a multitude of shapes and applications. It is bacteria free, temperature resistant, shock proof, low absorption of fluids, age resistant, versatility very light weighted as contains 98% of air, and pollution free. Its production also requires a little energy with no toxic emission and no waste with EPC holding recyclable property.

Holding such advantages EPS is used for packing different materials like fresh fruits, vegetables, ice creams, meat, electric panels etc. Due to EPS packaging the contained food items remain fresh, bacteria free, at set temperature due to the various advantaging properties of EPS. Thus now a days the use of EPS as a packaging material has increased to a great extend.

Omega packaging provides you with EPS foam boxes, ice boxes of the size and style our customer wishes to have. And the quality of the boxes of our product assures the provision of 100% benefits of EPS amazing properties to all our customers. You can buy off the shelf from our large range of box styles, or we can custom mould any shape to your specifications.