A26 – 5 kg box

Ext. Dimensions 385 x 290 x 160
Int. Dimensions 350 x 255 x 120
Volume ( litre ) 10.5
Qty. per Pallet 168/204

Omega Packaging – one of the leading Packaging Suppliers who offers reliable and durable Packaging Solutions has now launched its new 5 kg Box. It’s product code is A26.

This Box is with lid idly for packing Baby Broccoli, Asparagus, peas, fresh fruits and many other uses. Customer is very pleased with the quality, strength and durability. In the fact that it is very competitive on price with other similar size boxes in the market.

The A26 box external dimension with lid is 385 x 290 x160 Mm and internal are 350 x 255 x 120 mmm. Volume is approximately holding 10.5 litters.

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