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Have you thought of any importance of water storage in life?

 Water is an important aspect of life on the earth. From cooking to our body, it is what makes us keep alive. In fact, the human body can live without food for many days, but live only a few days without water. In this scenario, having a proper, safe, and portable water storage can bring health, and safety back to your life in any tough condition.

Your One Stop For All Your Water Storage Needs

 At least 1 gallon of water is the recommended need of water storage per an active adult for a two week period. And, since our water storage cubes guarantee the quality and safe storage solution with competitive prices, preparing your water storage won’t leave you high and dry.

Since storing water is a different process for storing food, there are a few things you should consider. Water needs to be protected against viruses, contamination, and bacteria while storing.

Water should be stored in a UV-resistant, high quality food-grade plastic container.

On Omega packaging, our portable water storage cubes are made with blue and white colours , as these colours limits bacteria and algae growth and also signifies that what is stored in the cube is safe for human consumption.

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