EPS Foam Fish Boxes – “New Approach Of Sourcing Sustainable Seafood”

Over the past few decades, fish has become a staple in many people’s diets. With this increase in demand for seafood, it is essential to keep up with the changes and innovations within the food industry. One of these innovations is EPS foam fish boxes which make transporting large quantities of fish more accessible than ever before.

EPS Foam Fish Boxes

EPS containers are the perfect way to hold delicate fish for transport without worrying about contamination. Available in a variety of shapes, EPS provides lightweight, water-resistant packaging that is durable but flexible. The high thermal insulating properties make this ideal for use with warm or cold goods.

Benefits of Using EPS Fish Boxes:

EPS Fish Boxes are a great way to store your seafood for a longer time. They provide the perfect environment for fresh and frozen goods by maintaining the correct humidity levels and keeping the product away from light, oxygen and bacteria. This can be very beneficial in preventing spoilage and food-borne illnesses.

The boxes will also help you save money because they extend shelf life by up to two weeks! They’re easy to use, affordable, environmentally friendly and recyclable. All around, it’s a win-win situation when you choose EPS Fish Boxes over traditional Styrofoam containers or plastic bags!

These durable, lightweight packages will help you transport your catch safely and efficiently to its destination while keeping them fresh during their journey. Some other benefits include:-

  • Less spoilage of seafood
  • Creates more space for ice
  • Easily identified by an RFID or QR code
  • Easy to transport
  • Longer Shelf life
  • Easy packaging

EPS Fish Boxes are an excellent way to store and transport your perishable food or any other type of product for that matter. These boxes can be used in a wide variety of applications thanks to their versatility and ease of use.

Our expanded polystyrene fish boxes are perfect if searching for the easiest way to store your fish. These containers come in various forms and sizes, so we have the right size for you whether you need a small lunch box or something larger.

Our products are made using only the finest quality thermocol, which retains fresh food longer than other materials. And because these containers provide insulation against heat and cold, they help keep edibles at their desired temperature when stored inside them.

These reusable, recyclable, and eco-friendly EPS Fish Boxes are ideal for storing your fish in. They’re also great for keeping other perishable food like vegetables fresh too! Get in touch with us today to learn more about our range of products that will help you transport and store the foods you love most.

So if you’re ready to order some new storage containers today, head over to info@omegapackaging.com.au our team of professionals will be delighted to answer any queries that may arise about our selection.